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Thank you for visiting the DARK MONEY Get Involved Page. In the coming weeks, we will be adding resources and tools so you can #FollowTheMoney. 

In the meantime, you can:

Find A Screening of Dark Money
Request a Screening of Dark Money

We're seeking volunteers to help connect the film with like-minded organizations, foundations, and candidates. Drop us a line and let us know how you're connected, where you're based, and what you'd like to do to pitch in at


What You Can Do to Stop Dark Money
Here are six ways YOU can help fight dark money. 

Educate Yourself
Learn more about dark money in politics. Our partners at (their Executive Director, Sheila Krumholz, appears in DARK MONEY) have put together the 101 you need.

Demand Disclosure
Wherever you live in this country, your state requires candidates, political parties and political action committees to provide SOME information about the amount and source of $$ coming in and being spent. 

Learn what information YOUR state demands.

Speak up when you think your state’s disclosure laws are being violated. Look at the flyers filling up your mailbox in the weeks leading up to an election. Are they making outrageous claims? Is it unclear who paid for the ad? Contact your state disclosure board and ask them to investigate. Speak up!
Fight attempts to weaken or eliminate disclosure laws. We need strong disclosure laws to expose dark money! Get involved in grassroots efforts to maintain existing disclosure laws and VOTE when the issue is on the ballot.

Help Pass the 28th Amendment
Get involved in efforts to pass a constitutional amendment that reasserts that “We the People” govern this country — and not big money.

Visit our partners at American Promise to learn what is happening in your state to pass the amendment and get involved.

Support Local Press
A free press is essential to a functioning democracy. We need a free press to hold our elected officials accountable.

Subscribe to your local paper.
Support your local nonprofit press.

Make your voice heard! Let politicians know that you oppose dark money by casting your ballot for candidates who reject dark money campaign donations.

Register to vote and VOTE.

See DARK MONEY. (And bring a friend.)
Find a screening near you

Does your organization want to host a screening of DARK MONEY? Let us know.

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